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My name is Patricia Perman and I am a self-taught artist living and working in Los Angeles.

​It’s simple – Creating makes me happy!

​I started drawing at three years old, inspired by my Father, an artist himself, who nurtured my skills with daily creative assignments. My favorite subject back then were princess portraits which in my teenage years morphed into grotesque portraits of aristocrats followed by portraits painted on life-size crosses in my 20’s.

​After moving from Germany to LA at 24 years old, I quickly connected with other artists and started participating in local shows such as Create: Fixate, X-Position and Sneaker Pimps – great times!

​In my late 30’s, I started dabbling in abstract art. Using bold brushstrokes, cutting through paint layers with a cake knife… this was new to me and very liberating. Painting my emotions while moving around a canvas feels amazing – free therapy right there!

​Drawing portraits can be detailed work and requires focus, you need a calm hand… and I often hold my breath. Two very different processes I love equally and serve me in different situations.

​Now in my late-40’s, I have a family and a busy job, so time is precious. I involve our 10-year-old daughter as much as possible in my creative projects… we brainstorm for new projects, shop together for canvas, or she helps me paint base layers… learning to express herself in a safe environment gives her confidence. And it’s a great bonding time.

For more behind the scenes, check out my features in Voyage LA Magazine or Shout Out LA.

​Thank you for your interest in reading my bio and artist statement. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to say Hello!

​Follow me on Instagram @patyperman_art or see my portfolio here.

Patricia Perman Portrait Artist LA Gem Resin
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