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Holiday Card Production

This year I decided to create art specifically for our holiday cards. I wanted it to be something original versus a print (like last year). I found these cute white frames that make my art pop with a clean look... and protection as the same time. And they fit into a regular sized envelope :) Picked red for the added holiday cheer :) Since we created about 100+ of these cards, time and cost had to be considered.

The whole process was so much fun... but took a looooong time :)

I painting about six over-sized abstracts on paper and cut them into 5x7 cards using the frame to find good pieces within the abstract. Adding the greetings was the best... you think about the person you are sending the card too, how often you did (or not) connected this year, the memories you have with that person... lots going through your head :) Then stuffing the envelopes and adding labels. Sunny used a small cutter to cut an angel into the label :) let's just say a bunch of labels had to be reprinted... Ha Ha.

Here are a few photos and videos - enjoy! Click on photo to enlarge...

[VIDEO - Sound UP]: Sunny and I working as a team - so much fun!!! When you work with a kid on Art, you got to let it go... they do whatever they want and you will have no control on the outcome - love it!!

[VIDEO - Sound UP]: Here I am doing a painting by myself :)

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